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Call your loved ones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from USA, UK, or any other country without breaking the bank.

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Why Tascom International Calling

Affordable Rates: 

Tascom offers Affordable international calling rates to call any country landlines and mobiles, allowing you to talk longer without breaking the bank.

Exceptional Call Quality: 

Enjoy crystal-clear conversations with Tascom's commitment to superior call quality. Tascom is your ideal choice for international calling. 

Global Coverage: 

Call effortlessly and connect with anyone worldwide. Tascom services span across 100+ countries.


Tascom is designed for simplicity, making it easy to initiate calls and manage your account.

Earn Credits by Inviting Friends: 

With Tascom, you can save even more by inviting your friends to join. Earn credits that can be used for your international calls.

Preview Call Rates: 

Before making a call, you can preview the call rates, helping you to make decisions about your calls and budget accordingly.

How Does it Work?

Install the Tascom app on your device:

Open the Tascom app and select the "Call Rates" option.

Choose the country to view the rates.

Add Credit: 

You may need to add credit to your Tascom account if you haven't done so already in order to make affordable calls

Start Making Calls:

Once you have sufficient credit in your account, you can start calling any country.

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