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Dialing International from the US in 2024: Avoid the Confusion

Calling friends and family overseas can be a great way to stay connected, but figuring out how to dial internationally from the US can sometimes feel like a puzzle. Fear not, globetrotters! This guide will demystify the process and ensure your international calls go smoothly.

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Understanding the Parts:

There are three key components to dialing international from US:

  • Exit Code: This tells your phone company you're making an international call. In the US, the standard exit code is 011. You can often use the "+" symbol on mobile phones as a shortcut.

  • Country Code: This unique two-to-four-digit code identifies the specific country you're calling. You can find country codes online or through your phone carrier's website. (We'll provide some resources below!)

  • Phone Number: Finally this is the local phone number of the person you're calling, minus any leading zeros.

Putting it Together:

So here's how to dial an international number from the US:

  • Dial the Exit Code (011) or (+) symbol.

  • Dial the Country Code. (For example, the country code for Canada is 1, and for the UK it's 44.)

  • Dial the Local Phone Number.

Example: Let's say you want to call your friend in London. The UK country code is 44, and your friend’s local phone number is 207 946 0500. Here's how you would dial:

011 (Exit Code) 44 (UK Country Code) 207 946 0500 (Local Phone Number)

Alternative Methods:

  • Mobile Apps: Many mobile apps allow you to make international calls at competitive rates. These apps often bypass the need to dial exit codes. (For example:- Tascom, Vinota, Yolla)

  • Calling Cards: Prepaid calling cards can be a cost-effective option for occasional international calls. These cards come with a specific access number and PIN you'll need to dial before entering the recipient's phone number.

Cost Considerations:

International calls can be expensive, so it's important to be aware of the charges associated with your phone plan. Consider:

  • International Calling Rates: Check with your phone carrier for their specific rates per minute or per call.

  • Package Deals: Many carriers offer international calling packages with bundled minutes at discounted rates.

  • Alternatives: Tools like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber offer free or low-cost international calling options when connected to Wi-Fi.

Affordable International Calling with Tascom:

While traditional phone plans and calling cards can be pricey, there's a smarter way to stay connected internationally. Download the Tascom mobile app and discover a world of affordable international calling rates. Tascom offers flexible eSIM data plans that include international calling minutes, allowing you to chat with loved ones abroad without breaking the bank. Plus, you'll enjoy crystal-clear call quality and the convenience of managing everything from your phone.

Helpful Resources:

International Calling Options (by Carrier):

With this guide and some research on your specific phone plan options, you can make international calls from the US with confidence. Now, go forth and connect with the world!


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