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Tascom Travel eSIM

Explore Data Plans for 150+ countries

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What is an eSIM

Introducing Tascom Travel eSIM – your access to global mobile data! It's a digital SIM card in your phone, so no more dealing with physical SIMs while traveling. 

Just pick your data plan, and download it directly to your device – quick and hassle-free! 

Ready for seamless connectivity? Start your journey now!

How to Purchase:

  • Purchase your Tascom eSIM before your travel plans are finalized.

  • Before making a purchase, confirm that your device is compatible with eSIM technology.

Using Website

  • Navigate to the Travel eSIM page

  • Search your destination on the search box or select from the popular countries 

  • Choose a preferred data plan

  • Confirm your order details and finalize the purchase

Get a new eSIM

When to Activate:

While you can purchase the eSIM before your trip, activate it upon arriving at your destination. 

How to Install:

How to Track eSIM Data Usage:

  • Open the Tascom app on your device.

  • Within the app, Navigate to "Data eSIM."

  • Tap on your eSIM

  • Check Data Usage. It will display the total data allowed, the amount used, and the expiration date.

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