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How to use multiple numbers in WhatsApp and Telegram


Handling many communication channels has become essential for many people who are balancing their personal and work lives. Well-known messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp have multi-number management solutions that let users swap between identities and efficiently manage their communication. This can be accomplished by third-party apps, dual-SIM support, or app cloning capabilities, allowing users to better control their communication, safeguard their privacy, and distinguish clearly between personal and work-related communications.

Latest Announcement of WhatsApp

To enhance user experience, WhatsApp has been adding a number of significant features to it. Such as screen sharing, an edit button for messages, an HD photo option, chat locking, and more. These are all highly significant WhatsApp features that are making people's lives easier in one way or another.

The most recent one is the capability to utilize two phone numbers on a single WhatsApp application on Android devices. This is a significant update because, in the past, using two separate accounts on a single phone required using the dual or clone app capability. By using this feature you can easily switch between accounts – such as your work and personal – without having to log out each time or carry two phones.

How to use two mobile numbers on WhatsApp

According to WhatsApp, to set up a second account, you will need a second phone number and SIM card, or a phone that accepts multi-SIM or eSIM.

  • Step 01: Get your phone's WhatsApp app open.

  • Step 02: After that, click on your photo in the upper right area to access WhatsApp settings.

  • Step 03: Click the down arrow that appears next to your name now.

  • Step 04: Next, select "Add account" and then "Agree and continue."

  • Step 05: After entering your phone number, select "Next."

  • Step 06: To grant or refuse permissions, adhere to the instructions.

On your phone, you have now added a second WhatsApp account. Now, switching between the two accounts is simple. However, now your phone will be running two accounts on WhatsApp, alerts from each account could get a little disorganized and unclear. WhatsApp has stated that you can customize the privacy and notification settings for every account independently in order to help resolve issues. As a result, you may customize the notification tone for each account, making it easier to distinguish between messages on the two accounts.

You may also modify the privacy settings for both accounts, including those related to the photo on your profile and the status updates you send on the app.

How to use two mobile numbers on Telegram

You have to follow the below steps in order to have another telegram account on your device.

Step 01: Open the Telegram app and log in.

Step 02: On the Telegram home screen, tap the three horizontal lines in the top corner.

Step 03: This part requires you to choose Add Account. You must click on the bottom, arrow-shaped icon in order to see Add Account. The blue section's bottom has this icon, which is to the right of your name and phone number.

Step 04: Next, you'll most likely see the title USA in the box at the top of this page. Click on the names of the countries. You have to choose your preferred country in this part.

Step 05: After that, the preceding page will automatically be displayed for you. The mobile phone number can be entered in the second field on this page. It's time to choose the white arrow located in the center of the blue circle after inputting the mobile number.

Step 06: After completing step 5, Telegram will send you an SMS to verify your new number.

Step 07: Once the number has been verified, type your name in the designated space. Next, choose the arrow.

Finally, The last step of using several Telegram accounts at once has been successfully done. With your new Telegram account, you may now interact with your contacts and see the titles of both of your accounts. And you can easily switch between your accounts as well.

Benefits of having two accounts

Convenience: Users no longer have to worry about repeatedly logging in and out to access and maintain two distinct accounts.

Decreased device clutter: Users can avoid the hassle of carrying two separate phones for personal and business conversations by using multiple accounts on a single device.

Error-free messaging: By removing the chance of sending messages from the incorrect account, this new feature makes sure that personal and business conversations stay separate.


Here is what happens if you misuse this feature.

Potential ban: The companies Telegram and WhatsApp have a strong anti-scam policy. If a user is found to be engaging in scamming, they may be prohibited from using the service completely.

Perhaps filed a police report: Scammers may be arrested and charged if their victim reports them to the authorities, as scamming is illegal.

Damage the reputation: could harm their standing in society Being exposed as a scammer might harm their reputation and make it harder for them to obtain employment or integrate into society.

Use Tascom and buy your second phone number

Using a second phone number app, you may quickly buy a virtual number in case you need to register with an additional number in WhatsApp and Telegram. Although there are other apps available, Tascom is among the most well-liked and reputable ones.

Tascom Second Phone Numbers: When it comes to acquiring a virtual phone number, Tascom provides a seamless and efficient solution. With Tascom's advanced technology and user-friendly platform, obtaining a second phone number is a straightforward process. Whether you require a US number, a Canada number, or any other international number,

Tascom offers a wide selection to choose from. Simply navigate as below,

tascom layout

  1. Install the Tascom app on your device

  2. Open the Tascom app and Choose the “Add Virtual Number" option.

  3. Choose your preferred country and area code for the virtual number.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the purchase.

  5. You may need to provide personal and payment information.

Finally, be sure to keep your second phone number confidential and only give it out to people you trust.

Using multiple numbers in Telegram and WhatsApp provides an easy and effective approach to handling both personal and business communications. Users can easily access and manage both accounts from a single device, doing away with the need to constantly log out and back in or switch between devices. Users can also customize their experience and prevent misunderstanding between the two accounts with the adjustable privacy and notification settings included within each app.

It's crucial to follow Telegram's and WhatsApp's terms of service and utilize this function properly, though. Scamming or participating in other illicit acts can have detrimental effects on one's reputation in addition to possible bans and legal action.

All things considered, using multiple numbers on Telegram and WhatsApp is a useful feature for those who want to efficiently manage their communications.


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