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Ten Reasons to Get a Second Phone Number


Obtaining a second phone number is now easier than ever in the contemporary digital era. There are several ways to accomplish this, including using VoIP services, virtual phone number software, or even purchasing a second SIM card for your phone.

No matter what your background is—you could be a private individual, business professional, or an entrepreneur—having a second phone number can be useful for a variety of reasons.

Having a virtual phone number has several advantages. In this piece, we'll examine ten strong justifications for having a second phone number.

1. Identity protection

Identity protection is more important than ever in this digital age. Giving out your personal phone number to unidentified people puts you at risk for fraud, harassment, and spam calls. Having a dedicated number to use when you don't want to share your primary number might provide an additional degree of protection. It is less likely that your personal information may be compromised if you maintain a clear separation between your personal and professional lives.

To put it briefly, keeping a backup phone number is an easy and practical approach for being safe.

2. Conflict of Roles

Keeping your personal and professional life apart is another excellent reason to have a second phone number. Whether you are a freelancer or run your own business, having a dedicated phone number for your firm might make you seem more acceptable and professional. Keeping your personal and business relationships distinct can also help you manage your stress and time.

Emotional and physical health depends on maintaining a distinct boundary between your personal and work life. By using a second phone number to divert calls and messages pertaining to work, you may better manage your personal and professional lives.

3. Online Purchases

You will often be prompted for your phone number while making an online purchase or signing up for new services. Businesses may then utilize this data to contact you with marketing offers or even sell your information to outside advertising companies. You may avoid handing out your personal phone number and reduce the amount of spam you receive by using a second phone number for online transactions.

4. Temporary Use

Whether you ever need to give someone your contact information but aren't sure whether you can trust them, have a backup phone number. This is useful when meeting someone for the first time or making any kind of internet sale. Simply remove the second phone number when the conversation is over.

5. International Traveling

If you travel regularly, having a secondary phone number might help you save money on roaming fees. To make and receive calls and messages, just obtain a local phone number in the country that you're visiting.

6. Dating

If you're new to the dating scene, you might think about getting a second phone number. As you get to know someone new, this might provide you with some privacy and protection. You can always offer someone your own phone number after you're more comfortable with them.

7. Social Media Authentications

If you use social media, you might think about using a second phone number to authenticate your account. This can assist in preserving your privacy and security.

8. Virtual Numbers for Two-factor Authentication

As an added security step, many websites and online services now include two-factor authentication (2FA). When you log in with 2FA, you must input a code from your phone in addition to your password.

Using a secondary phone number for 2FA can aid in the protection of your accounts against illegal access.

9. Virtual phone Number for Emergency

Emergency situations are happened

all of sudden in our life, as a good preparation you can use a separate virtual sim and give it only for your family and loved ones to contact you in case of emergency.

In this manner, even if your primary phone is lost, stolen, or destroyed, your loved ones will always be able to contact you.

10. Peace of mind

When you control your connections by having separate virtual numbers, it helps to reduce stress and will be able to effectively manage your work, life, and day-to-day other activities.

Use Tascom, your reliable and affordable second phone number app

Tascom Second Phone Numbers: When it comes to acquiring a virtual phone number, Tascom provides a seamless and efficient solution. With Tascom's advanced technology and user-friendly platform, obtaining a second phone number is a straightforward process. Whether you require a US number, a Canada number, or any other international number, Tascom offers a wide selection to choose from. Simply navigate as below;

tascom how to do

  1. Install the Tascom app on your device

  2. Open the Tascom app and Choose the “Add Virtual Number" option.

  3. Choose your preferred country and area code for the virtual number.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the purchase.

  5. You may need to provide personal and payment information.

Finally, be sure to keep your second phone number confidential and only give it out to people you trust.


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