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Big News! Tascom Comes with Unlimited Data eSIM Plans

Hello globetrotters! We have a big surprise for you. Tascom now has unlimited data plans for over 150 countries around the world. With flexible durations ranging from 1 to 30 days, these plans are surely a game-changer for globetrotters who want to stay connected without any restrictions.

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What sets Tascom unlimited eSIM plans apart from the competition is the sheer scope of their coverage. While many other eSIM providers offer limited data or throttle speeds after a certain threshold, Tascom has partnered with local carriers in over 150 countries to ensure that you can stream, browse, and share your adventures without worrying about hitting a data cap.

Why Choose Tascom Unlimited eSIM Plans?

  • Unlimited high-speed data with no throttling or speed restrictions: With Tascom, you get unlimited high-speed data, so you  will always get the very best experience and quality of data available based on available network coverage without any hiccups.

  • Flexible plan durations from 1 day up to 30 days to suit your travel needs: So you see that these plans are super perfect for layovers or extended stays.

  • These unlimited plans too have coverage in over 150 countries, including popular destinations like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more off the grid destinations as well. So basically, these are perfect for all kinds of travelers around the globe.

  • Competitive pricing that won't break the bank: Tascom offers competitive pricing, and it will be making sure you stay connected without exorbitant data roaming charges.

  • Easy activation through the Tascom mobile app for iOS and Android: Activate your eSIM through the Tascom mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. It’s as simple as downloading the eSIM profile onto your compatible device before your trip, so you’re ready to go as soon as you land.

The Convenience Factor

One of the biggest perks of Tascom unlimited eSIM plans is the super convenience. As a matter of fact, instead of having to purchase a new physical SIM card every time you travel, you can simply download the eSIM profile onto your compatible smartphone or tablet before your trip. This means you can hit the ground running as soon as you arrive at your destination, without wasting any time searching for a local SIM card or dealing with complicated setup procedures. Plus, you get unlimited data for your preferred number of days!

Flexibility for All Travelers

Another great thing about Tascom unlimited plans is the flexibility. As we mentioned earlier as well, users have the opportunity to get unlimited data for their preferred number of days. So, we can proudly say that there's a plan that's tailored to each one of your needs. The 1-day plan is perfect for short trips or layovers, while the 30-day option is ideal for longer stays or those who want to have a backup data plan for an extended period. In-between those two, there are a handful of unlimited data plans.

Getting Started is Easy

If your device is compatible for eSIMs, this is how to get started with Tascom unlimited eSIM plans:

  1. Download the Tascom App: Available on the App Store and Google Play.

  2. Go to 'Data eSIM'

  3. Choose Your Destination

  4. Select your preferred Plan under the Unlimited Data Packages

  5. Activate Your eSIM: Follow the simple instructions to download the eSIM profile to your device.

  6. Enjoy Seamless Connectivity: You’re now ready to explore the world without limits!

Validity Period & eSIM Top-Ups

Once purchased a data bundle remains available to use as a top-up or on a new eSIM. The data bundle validity period starts once the first 1 kb of data is used.   

Travelling is an adventure, but staying connected shouldn’t be. You can use Tascom unlimited eSIM plans, your perfect travel companion. Unlike other eSIM providers that restrict your data or slow you down after a certain point, Tascom has partnered with local carriers in over 150 countries to ensure you can stream, browse, and share your experiences without worrying about hitting a data cap.

In order to learn more about Tascom unlimited eSIM plans and to find the perfect one for your next trip, head over to our website at or download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Happy travels!


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